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danomano's New Grounds danomano's New Grounds Rated Stars This is my Newgrounds. Which is somehow different from other's. Comedy - Parody HALOMEN2 HALOMEN2 Rated Stars The three heroes join forces with would be enemies to take down a hairy menace. Comedy - Parody HALOMEN2 Preview HALOMEN2 Preview Rated Stars The Arbiter expresses his concern over the Prophets' Official Story. Comedy - Parody HALOMEN HALOMEN Rated Stars The legends of TANKMEN are thrown deep into the universe of HALO. Comedy - Parody HALOMEN Preview HALOMEN Preview Rated Stars A preview for Halomen, coming out in November and celebrating the release of Halo 3. Office Spider: Episode 4 Office Spider: Episode 4 Rated Stars Pete attends an office party and later finds an opportunity in the film industry. Comedy - Parody South Park goes HP South Park goes HP Rated Stars Cartman plots to spoil the ending of the seventh Harry Potter at the local bookstore. Comedy - Parody Knee Deep in Death 2 Knee Deep in Death 2 Rated Stars This pulse-pounding sequel captures the true horrors of zombie outbreaks. Action Knee Deep in Death Knee Deep in Death Rated Stars This minute long segment of undead gore serves as an ode to the genre of zombie movies. Action Joey's First Car Joey's First Car Rated Stars Joey's father video tapes him in front of his first car when it suddenly springs to life. Jack Vs. Jack Jack Vs. Jack Rated Stars Jack Bauer of 24 and Jack Shephard of LOST mysteriously switch places for a day. Comedy - Parody Office Spider: Episode 3 Office Spider: Episode 3 Rated Stars Pete in office attire? I guess it's time for the little guy to fit the scene... Kinda. Comedy - Original Office Spider: Episode 2 Office Spider: Episode 2 Rated Stars Pete is at his desk job in this mostly anticipated sequel to Office Spider: The Movie. Comedy - Original Office Spider: Episode 1 Office Spider: Episode 1 Rated Stars Office Spider, inspired by a series of comics I created over the summer at my desk job! Comedy - Original Transformers Are Real? Transformers Are Real? Rated Stars Optimus Prime comes to live in a normal everyday truck to a regular world. Comedy - Parody

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