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If you had actually played MGS3, Stamper's would have been a lot funnier.

I agree with you. But there were some that actually gave me a good laugh without a singal cock.
Yotam Perel's was my favorite I think. It can appeal to any audience, even ones (like myself) who have never played. It has great, snappy humor that I just love.

Your part was great too. In the end for pretty well the same reasons. I'm glad you made the call to take down your seperate version.
I feel the same way though. I want to show some people my own personal work in the project, but don't want to force them to sit through 9 cock jokes to my part, which is fairly far in.

It's shame that that is what the collab boiled down too. But hopefully there is hope for future mass projects from Newgrounds.

hey didn't you made a submission of your part alone??? where did it go? did you removed it?

yes, it was unnecessary attention, i was trying to give credit to people. i had it removed before I could take any awards. I wasn't interested in hearing ppl accusing me of wanting trophies. Ridiculous.

overdose is putting it a little light i agree the use of penis jokes are just sad now a days and are just in poor taste

but on the other hand i would like to say that some of the other clips in the mgs collab where great happy harry's one made me laugh my ass off and a few others as well

and about your submission to the collab what is the name of the song you had playing on it i remeber it from the castle series if am i not mistaken

This is some weird outerlimits shit going on here.

.. theres like a total of 57 including the easter eggs. and like 45 dick jokes totals.

5 fucking dick jokes, never seen so much belly aching over 5 misely fuckin dick jokes.

I think you and few other homophobes are blowing this dick thing way out of proportion.
Im really starting to hate this new community of users. A bunch of pretentious stuck ups, who completely forgot what made newgrounds what it isnt in the first place.

thank about that when you're bankin on your next played out crossover.

I obviously meant "4 to 5 dick jokes" not 45 .. mind the typo, pretentious snobbery makes me type angrily