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hahaha, this is the best rant ever! Heroes makes no sense anymore

Haha, thats true. The last was the worst. I cant wait to see the global warming plot twist.

Here's an Idea, make a parody on 'queerores.'

haha isn't that a cartoon on NG somewhere?

I really tried getting into this new season of Heroes but eventually I just gave up

Fighting Global Warming!

That's Captain Planet's Job

I don't think so.

im putting together a collab under that name.
check it here http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/1011134

Sorry, I don't think my noobishness is good enough for it, I got CS4 4 days ago and loaded it today!

i was the exact same way, loved season 1, disliked season 2, and HATED season 3...i was so fucking pissed...

but guess who came back? at the end of season 1, the original writer left heroes for Pushing Daisies, and has now come back! for the 4th season, so hopefully when that starts up, it will be good, he says "i hope to clean the series up and make the fans appreciate the season like they used to"

Heroes is a great serie, season 3 rocked I watched every week, it's true the show kinda "flipped" from the first season, but that doesn't make it a bad one.

And for the plot, about saving the world and everything... They're Heroes!

They had so many new characters they didn't know what to do with them, and by the end of season 3 everything was a mess. They tryied to go for the 'noone is good, everyone can turn evil at any time and vice versa' approach, but is just ended up fucking confusing

Heroes always sucked broseph

Who here hates stupid fucking emo-tastical Claire?

I felt it to be slightly better than Season 2... Now that ain't saying much though...

When Sylar went back to being SYlar I was happy hoping there'd be some awesome coming by, but he was used as a jigsaw faggot to write Clairs mom. The Ando thing could be built up as pure awesome, only to be used a comic relief in comparison to the moody Fight between the Petrellis. Fucking bullshit.

I am looking forward to the collab though.

Yeah, i thought Heroes made no sense and sucked since it started.

Loved the season with the exception of the last episode.

the first season was pretty epic
second was awful
3 started good but when that artur person got in it sucked even more then lost started doing after a while

Dan, I could not be more pleased with this information. Rip that show a new asshole, but make sure to patch it up. I mean, they're already shitting on prime-time television programming, so we wouldn't want that to continue.

By the way, you need to call us and let us know when you're coming back in town. For real.

yeah it just wasnt that good :(

I hope it doesn't turn into lost with polar bears and hatches and shit.

left 4 dead is awesome!!!!!!!

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