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lost has me lost. wtf is going on

I loves lost but i wonder if all of them get to the island

What happens if 1 dies?

There are some other movies where time travel decays the brain. So the more they travel the closer they are of dying if they make a next jump.

The HATCH!! :O

Personally... I can't wait for John to finally die!

I'm getting sick of his "This is our purpose" Bullshit!

Once I get done w/ all my collabs I'm making a parody of Lost!

I love LOST

First couple seasons of lost = Awesome.
Newer seasons = Not so much.

i LOST interest

I'm LOST in translation.

I'm LOST. Wasn't this show just about a plane crashing on a island with a polar bear.

Ever since they decided to throw time travel into the mix I have been pretty much LOST :/

(C-c-combo keeper!)

I watch the show LOST.
if I don't feel like changing the channel from G4.

LOST, on another note, considering that the authors of the show have no set script until the day of shooting I don't think they could weave a story like that. I'm guessing they will pull a few things out of seasons 1-3 and intertwine that, rather then using later episodes because they simply haven't been written yet.

Hell yah I'm a Lost fan
It's been going great for a couple of seasons I can't wait for the answers.
I'm also starting to be a heroes fan again since they got the main guy from season 1 back I know a lot of people hate on it , but heroes and lost are the best shows for me right now.
Now back to subject.
Good theory
Just a question would richard not count as a constant???
I mean he's almost always there??

Plus the people who were there before the others the ones who built the temple. (You can tell the others didn't build it cause they have no idea how to stop the guardian/smoke monster)

Well that's all i got for now I'm sleepy

it stopped being interesting in the middle of season 2

haven't watched since, should I?

Holy crap...... your a genius!

stopped watching at ep 4 once i realised they were going to drag it out and milk it for all it was worth

sawyer was cool though

Well, if you like lost, you'll love this parody thing... <a href="http://www.oldeenglish.org/podcast/writers-of-lost">http://www.oldeenglish.org/podcast/wr iters-of-lost</a>

Those are some good theories. Thoughts on Jack's dad?

Maybe he's Jacob?

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