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It's a fairly massive change which leads me to ask a question. Do you have any foresight with your designs? Clearly you have jumped a massive ship here.

it's an idea right now. i'm able to look at all the possibilities, it would be a bad idea not to.

2nd comment! cant w8 for the next HALOMEN

Thats a good character design. Not too boring. Very streamlined.
It's funny, the first thing i thought was "HAY ITS THAT ESURANCE GAL." And your post confirmed it. You know, I think that if those commercials didn't try to pitch me insurance in increasingly absurd ways I would like them a lot more.

way better than that one, looks like something out of an E-surance commercial. But a hell of a lot better.

i felt the previous one had a better look/style for a character that is wearing pretty much full body armour, while this style (dont get me wrong, its a good style, with the clean vectors and all) seems to lack the "machinery" ideal.

well i guess i was trying to eliminate that. I don't want the suit to be machinery because it's supposed to be a very fluid and tight suit, almost like an organism itself.

nice model!
but dont forget about office spider! we wanna know what happens to pete at the shelob audition!

You're totally right. It's on the list my friend. It's on the list. And oh do I have a list, why do i do this to myself? i have so much to do already.... uh college much? haha

Pretty damn awesome drawing. The running thing on DA Looks awesome too actually, looks like you spend a lot of time on your work!

That looks awesome, i was looking at your DeviantArt stuff aswell, dude youve got a talent! and you (i would put underline here but the msg on the bottom says no html) WILL go some where if u want to!

In you post you said Halomen7. I think you made a mistake there. Well I have this idea in my mind when I saw the guy from half life. Why dont you do the cartoon of his sory related to halomen. like Half life man or something like that. Well nice drawing, I will love to see your works because they are awesome black and white cool.

no it is going to be HALOMEN7. You didn't read it all. The episode will be like the seventh and at the beginning will be a PREVIOUSLY ON HALOMEN. You'll see clips of stuff that happened between. And then it'll jump into the story. I'm tryin something new.

And this picture. Well it's a concept of the main character in my new upcoming series.
I'm really excited about this one.

Looks like the e-surance lady. :D