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first comment. And i can't wait for Alex Seryoua, even though HALOMEN has been cancelled. :'(

yeah. I'm just getting really into this stuff right now and by the time I got to the Halomen thing it would be so outdated there would be no relevance what so ever.

cant wait

Ha ha me neither...

Well it is nice to see you departing from a series that will make people thing of you as the Halomen guy rather than some of your original series. Very excited about Alex Seryoua so far all the art and little bits you posted on DeviantArt makes me want to watch this movie even more.

I'll probably post a trailer for the series in the middle of the summer. I'm just really excited about the whole thing. It's really coming together with these two other guys, Ed and Austin, that I'm writing it with. We've put a lot of work into the story and I've almost got all the episodes mapped out. Scripts will be coming very soon. I may end up releasing episode one sooner than I planned because if i accumulate enough work then I could work on them while those get posted on their assigned monday nights. I'm basically bringing a tv cartoon series to newgrounds, except they may be like 3-4 minutes each and made by a hand full of people instead of teams and teams.

*sniffle* no more halomen? *sniffle*
and alez seryoua is looking great! im lookin forward to it!!

haha. HALOMEN2 pretty much brought it full circle. I may post answers to who the girl was later.

shit! i put alez seryoua not alex!
lol minor mistake!

WHY!!!!!!!! no more HALOMEN!!!!! why!!!!!!!
halomen is awsome!!!!!! ......you used to be cool man =(
come on make another!!!!!!!! plz!!!!!!
everyone will love you!!!!!!!!!!!
they'll want to have a beer with you!!!!
they'll say "HEY, that guy is cool cause he mad another halomen and i like halomen and now he's my freind!" and then passout!!!!

You did an amazing job making it look like the stlye in those commercials!! That looks great. Glad to see your not a one trick pony!

noooo!! WHY? oh please tell me not so! just please...can you finish what you have and release that as a "If it hapened..." or something?

good job this might make you better because you dont have to stress over 2 animation series

hey dude good luck on ur flashes and hope u get a good job done in ur TSAH3 part =), ur halomen series had a good ending anyways so no cliff hangers were left so no people are going to stress about it =P

It's looking good, Don't rush it. I really think the weekly time spot thing would be da shit. Keep it up.

that's what i've been needing to hear. I've doubted that choice recently but I'm glad i'm going to do it. It'll something special.

Halomen shall be missed.
But TSAH3 is bettter!
I still can't wait.

lucky bastard with your girlfriend...... I got shot in flames so sorry for taking out on you, anyway..... TSAH 3!!!! WAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!

Im sad for the loss of Halomen, but dont write it off yet, make it a project for later or something cause people will bug the shit outta you for it, I will restrain myself, plus I like the fact that you are using a bunch of music from that 9/11 conspiracy theory movie, dont give up on it just yet.

looks good can't wait.

I'm actually really glad to hear you're cancelling Halomen. I hated them, to be honest. Office Spider is way more up my alley. Alex Seryuoa looks so good too. I'm really interested in it!

HALOMEN seemed that it needed to end, don't make it on going like regular Halo. In the Alex Seryoua series, does Seryoua mean something special? Is it code?

Looks sweet, but at first look I thought that this was a Half-Life 2 parody.

Are you Sid from the tv show "skins"?

WTF Yo?! You are just going to give up on Halomen?!

not give up. stop making. I don't want to anymore. why don't you make it.

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