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Came out pretty good, definately looks like this will be a cool series. One thing I noticed though was that the audio could use a bit of work. If you need any help mixxing and mastering tracks and effects, deffinately get in touch with myself or one of the other artists on the Audio forum/portal. Still looks pretty cool, hope to see more soon.

hey i may do that.

Left a what I feel "fair" review. If you ever want to make a game out of it...

I saw the movie, it was awesome. The walking was a little weird, since on a normal human being, when we are walking or running, when our left hand is in front, so is out right leg. but the film seemed a little unorthodox with the tweens. her top half of her body would be seperate from her bottom half. it's kinda weird. but other than that, this was a great movie, and i can't wait to see what will happen next.

Slayer3751 waz here

it's e-graffiti... i must be stopped!!!

Alright I can't wait for ALEX SERYOUA to come on MARCH! I know this is way off topic, but why did reviewers scored your recent flash low. Seriously your recent flash was way better than that fucking sprite flash that got 1st daily. Dude next time don't try to submit your work when gay sprite animation is on the list you might lose because of gay immature people who love that shit. Do me that nice favor because your flash deserve that 1st daily without a doubt.

the way i see it is i have made this work, and I am going to submit it when it's done. I'm not going to wait and let a craptastic flash take control and decide the time of release for my cartoon. that's giving in to this whole machine. I'm letting go of the parody world, and by submitting it against that, i was trying to say something. They aren't better than me. I won't let them influence my art like that. Sacrificing an award to show that sprites are fueled by prepubescents is worth it. most of the community is immature and can't handle a cartoon series that begins with next to nothing information wise. ppl freaked out when they realized they had no idea what was going on, or that somethings made little sense. there are things going on at that time u don't see. and they are very important, and will be revealed later.

i'm glad u liked it!