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The ROSLIN STATION: My First Interactive Adventure

Posted by danomano65 - April 3rd, 2008

The ROSLIN STATION is finished and online.

So I spent the majority of the week not sleeping and instead making this LOST adventure game that will count as my final Photo II project. It's filled with LOST references and some photoshop that I myself have done. This is my first time programming any sort of adventure game, so go easy on me! I hope you LOST fans enjoy it. This is your fix until the next episodes.

More later.

The ROSLIN STATION: My First Interactive Adventure


lol sweet im not a LOST fan though but i bet ur game will be entretaining XP i wont be to harsh on it on ya lol

Well I don't play a lot of interactive adventure games, but if it's made by you im sure its pretty good.

I was so mad when i found out the new LOST episodes were coming out later in April.

Now I am glad to hear that you are making a game of LOST.

I will be looking forward to it.

it's already up man! haha

I just realized that AFTER i wrote the comment.

Then I was like, "Wait... damn."

Anyways, it was good, for a first attempt.

Could have been better, but overall it's nice.

Pimpin' sweet game. looking forward for more Alex Seryoua episodes and your part in TSAH3.

It was pretty amazing done good work dude really its your first

interactive adventure

This is frankly awesome. You should do more Interactive Adventures, next time with puzzules and shit.

well, i know ppl say that, but i don't really know how to make puzzles. i could try. im working on the sequel as we speak. haha the file is open on my screen.

Wasn't that good... :(

eh suck my balls.
you have ur page covered in hentai. a very low and pathetic existence indeed.

Roslin Station made me watch Lost for the first time in centuries, the atmosphere was creept and when i finally got past the basement where the music gets tense, and after reading all the books, that damn sniper scared the shit out of me, and made me spill my drink and have to get a new keyboard, i applaud you on high.

wow just wow. that was just ...... wow. i loved it. i also liked how you added the wispers out side.