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Metal Gear and Summer Plans

Posted by danomano65 - April 27th, 2008

I'm almost done with my part for the METAL GEAR Collab. I'm aiming for a clean 30 seconds. It features Solid Snake in an arctic outpost waiting for an order to move in on an enemy base. Hilarity ensues. My friend Ed Hollis wrote it and voiced Snake. AlmightyHans voices Colonel. I can't wait to see this giant collab when it's finished.

In other news... still working on OFFICE SPIDER 5. After this, I plan on making a short cartoon to celebrate Castle Crashers completion. It'll be a form of TANKMEN, but with the CC characters. Possibly CASTLEMEN? After that, I promise, I am going to start ALEX SERYOUA episode 2. I can't wait to get my next semester in order and just enjoy a summer of flash work.

On a personal note, I plan on transferring to SCAD-Atlanta next semester. (Savannah College of Art and Design at the Atlanta location) It's only 3 hours from where I am now, but I want to study 3D animation and possibly get an internship at PIXAR after my Junior year. That is my dream job.

I will be at COMIC CON with AlmightyHans. I can't wait. I am also getting my plans together for LOLLAPALOOZA in Chicago. That will be awesome. I have a feeling this will be a good summer. Anyone got some cool plans for summer?

PS. If anyone knows/is a programmer that would be interested and willing to help make an OFFICE SPIDER game in the near future, let me know. I want to make something really fun and really funny. For more information, visit this thread. I am willing to compensate with a sum of $$$.

Metal Gear and Summer Plans


Awesome man, it's my dream job to work with Pixar too. The new movie Wall-E looks really really awesome. I'm not sure about the story, but visually, it's stunning. I've always admired that about Pixar. Enough about Pixar, you're going to Comic-Con? That's pretty sweet, I want to go sometime, maybe next next summer, when I have more money, money's a little tight ATM. Castlemen sounds like it's going to be cool, can't wait to see it. What are MY plans for the summer? Meh, nothing that wouldn't be considered boring by comparison.

I don't know why I decided to leave this wall of text here for you to read, but I hope you enjoy it. I always enjoy having something to read when I make a news post.

Keep on Animating,

a mans man u are. you understand what it is to post a lengthy blog post and wait on someone's thoughts. i love feedback and comments. makes me feel connected to the community of NG. thanks for ur thoughts! i hope ur summer isn't too blah. Money always determines ur memories really. Money even affects the plot of a tv show, like LOST. sucks that creative direction can't be free of currency.

Agreed, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Anyway, my summer shouldn't be too bad. I have a really neat cartoon I plan on making, and I've recieved almost all the lines for it, so it should turn out awesome. I'm sure you understand the feeling you get when things just start coming together on a cartoon. It's pretty cool. Anyway, no one else has posted, so I figured I'd continue our discussion.

Now I probably seem like some kind of stalker. To the contrary, I'm just some guy who's bored.

aren't we all just some guy whos bored?

Cool, that Metal Gear flash sounds cool, and so does that Castleman. I been waiting on the new episode of Alex Seryoua, cant wait for that. And good look on the SCAD-Atlanta, hope you get the job.

yeah, i've been really busy with collabs and contests, and finals are up. and then this school thing. AS will be up soon.


A few people were asking me if I was doing something for the Metal Gear collaboration.. I'm way too busy with my TV shit, plus I've never played Metal Gear Solid. So that's a big fat no.

Looking forward to seeing you and Hans down at Comic-Con. Darn shame you're both under age there, I would have liked to go have a beer with you two.

Best of luck.

good to hear from you. I'm sure we can find a way to get a freakin beer. haha

Oh noes, the angry xboxguy is taking over metal gear!!

im an angry xboxguy?

That is pretty sweet. Good luck with the office spider game. Im sure you will find a really good programmer for it. Too bad Snow-fox13 and me can't go to the Comic Con anymore :( It would have been nice to meet up with half the TSAH 3 members. I guess I will have to wait for the next Comic Con. Can't wait till the Metal Gear Collab comes out. There will be some really good parts done for it.

Keep up the awesome stuff ^_^

Argh, metal gear. I've been so caught up in uni work that i've already missed a chance for pico day, hopefully I'll be able to get a metal gear short whipped up in time for the collab.

Hope the transfer goes well, Pixar would be amazin!

snake looks just about old enough for a colostomy bag in mgs4. oh well the game still looks spectacular.

oh and just saw your latest submission. very team america! i those those dolls got their rightful place in the microwave?