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OFFICE SPIDER Game and Steampunk Drawing

Posted by danomano65 - May 5th, 2008

The OFFICE SPIDER Game has a programmer now!
DreamworX is a programmer located in Sweden and has agreed to help me develop the game I have in mind. The game itself will serve as Episode 6 in the series and the events that take place will lead into the cartoon movie Episode 7. You will be able to collect TPS reports for points in order to gain webbing abilities. I'm really excited about it. Sometime in the summer, I will also return to the ALEX SERYOUA schedule I had in mind. Things have gotten a little out of hand recently due to collabs. Although I denounced it originally, I have been rolling ideas for another HALOMEN around in the back of my head. But that would only happen after I have my original content complete. But... that said, there is hope for a third.

In the mean time, here is a picture of a Steampunk Cellular Device I drew up today. You may view it larger here. Enjoy.

OFFICE SPIDER Game and Steampunk Drawing


WOW... look awesome man..
is fantastic
& DreamworX was a good election.. he is great

it'll be interesting developing a solid game. it'll be my first real one.

I have made a tribute 2 U! It got a score 0f 2.57 (my bestest yet!) but then the pigs blam it!!

<a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/437820">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /437820</a>

If you like I make another tomorrow. And one 4 David Frith and his funny.

ah. that is nice. of you.

DreamworX is a cool dude that knows what he's doin'. Good choice. ^^
lol your weird.

i get that a lot.

Fuck yeah, steampunk. that looks sweet dude!

nice work, Im a huge fan of steampunk (mindchamber robot is basically that)
and this came out really awesome.

love the cellphone

thanks! I appreciate the comment.

Office Spider Game sounds fun.

But hopefully it won't fail like all the other games I see all the time with the same death animation, same walking animation, and same animation etc.

I hope it goes well.

Nice, but where's the typewriter? :D Thought that was a staple of any steampunk device that requires a keypad.

That middle wheel has the letter blocks and the lever closest to the handle turns it to the letters. You can type out a message to be handed over, or receive a message and the wheel turns and types automatically through particular air pressures. And the left lever is a morse code tap.