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The Beginning of a HUGE Project

Posted by danomano65 - June 23rd, 2008

Hello everyone. I'm pleased with the turn out of Office Spider 5. The 6th episode is underway, which will MOST LIKELY be a game.. You will play as Pete through the events of the episode.

UPDATE** 5:42 PM.

If it is not a game, I will simply persue another plot for the time being. I no longer have a programmer for this project. I will be looking for one in the next week or so. If you read this and are interested, contact me through a PM.

Below is the page I've done for Hans's artist compilation for his new comic business ODD Comics. The first thing he will release is a collaberation of 25 artists and each person gets one page to do what ever they want. Since about 5 people have dropped out, I may be taking over one of them for his sake, which would expand what I have already done.

This is actually a sneak peek into what I have been developing for many years. I wrote the story as a book throughout high school and then stopped writing when I graduated. Now I have been inspired to transform my vision into a series of graphic novels. I am not releasing the name or the characters' names yet, but I will say that it is epic. 9 novels in all, which is a "Trilogy of Trilogies." The page below is in the middle of Book One, Trilogy One. I believe it's self explanatory.

That's all for now!

To see the second page to the picture below, click here!

The Beginning of a HUGE Project


Good skill.
It appears to be a great project.

Good luck with those ideas.

i have the whole story of Trilogy One and the beginning of Trilogy Two. Each book of the 3 trilogies is probably going to be 200 pages.


you have good ilumination sense



I'm really hoping that it turns out well. Should take a month or 2 to complete.

Yeah, DreamworX (I will still call him that :P ) has been telling me all about your game during NGP3 production.

does it sound good or bad? lol


Wow. 1800 pages. Just the numbers scare me off. You have an amazing drive, man, and I wish you the best of luck. That's one hell of a lot though, and a graphic novel... it seems like a decade + long project

Well that page alone i did last night. theoretically if i did one page per night it would take me about 4 and a half years. Buut once I get really started on it, I could be at 2 or 3 pages a day. So we'll see.

hehe can't wait for the game and that picture looks really interesting, may I ask how your novel is called? :)

may keep that a secret for now.

Fucking wonderful lighting man, your style suits comics well.

Hans is starting up a comic company? Really? That publishes and everything? That's awesome.

I'm glad people can appreciate good detailed lighting. It's a difficult thing to get right.

nice skill man, you pay attention on every detail and that is one way to make a briliant project

keep it up

One page per night! Whoa, slow down buddy. This may take you a while, but if you want this to be as amazing as it sounds, You're gonna need to spend more time. Not that what you've presented looks bad, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!

I hope you realize that I was being sarcastic when I said that. lol ...

Why will it take another 1/2 months to finish teh game? Is it that large? :S Games don't usually take over a month of work unless they are really large-scale.

Do you know alot about games? I no longer have a programmer.. Do you know anyone that would be interested?

is he pissing on a window

arms are folded
i may add a reflection of his front on the glass.

With your awsome talents i dont think it will be too hard for you to find a good programmer..
Good luck!

i'm interested in doing music, i can compose a score in a "film noir" style if you're down with that..

i should have read that better, i thought the pics/graphic novel were part of the game. my bad.

it would be a cool game.

Dropouts are terrible people.

what are you talking about.

Also, it does look like he's a blind guy who's mistaken the window for a urinal. I initially thought that would be the joke.

thats because its a small picture and the pixels look like piss, but those are his fingers. i'm adding a reflection in the window. jeez.

'How come all of a sudden kugden not working for you? What's the basis of the game?

it involves collecting TPS reports for points. you reach a certain point level to web people. You can push file cabinets and fax machines and climb them. it was a little to complex for him i guess.

Sounds cool. Good luck finishing it!

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