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This Is What's Happening Right Now.

Posted by danomano65 - August 11th, 2008

My life has been crazy for 3 straight weeks.

I went to COMIC CON. It was awesome. Holy crap.
Then I went to LOLLAPALOOZA and saw Nine Inch Nails, The GO Team, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Wilco. The list goes on.

And I am now single for reasons undisclosed on this blog. So I've been on a week of partying and hanging out with friends all over town at every house and waking up on strange couches. I started a Comic Con flash before I went to Chicago, but things in my personal life have changed. COMIC CON inspired me to turn ALEX SERYOUA into a graphic novel.

I am going to draw and color the novel for the next year and a half. And then I will begin my search for a printing company of some sort. Next year at COMIC CON I am going to register for a booth in the independent comic square for 2010. Hopefully I will have a table with AlmightyHans and my friend Ed, who is starting his own comic. I also have a friend who is willing to dress up as Alex and stand by the booth/walk around the convention center with fliers.

So for now. All things FLASH ORIENTED have been postponed.

Here is a full page panel from the first chapter, which is what the flash cartoon Episode One represents.
I'm much more excited about this project as a book than a cartoon.

This Is What's Happening Right Now.


not enough dicks


That's not such a bad idea. Spend a year or so on a project you really like, and come back to flash better than ever. I wish you well dude.

The animation was lame anyhow. Pic looks nicer.
...but then again half the lameness of the animation was the uninspired plot/concept.... i doubt your recent partying and binge drinking has fixed that.

your a fucking douche bag and you need to have anal with a cactus.

also....not enough dicks.

Can't fuckin' WAIT.

FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!!!! Good luck!=)

I like this picture more.

Woah, an entire life turn around or somewhat of it. Well come 2010, I'll be there at Comic Con buying the Graphic Novel and with a graphic novel you can do much more than in flash and you won't need to worry about animating or if the voice-actor is late with there lines are compiling music and sound fx.

Who knows maybe in the next 5 years if this series become a really popular graphic novel and if you do continue writing/drawing Alex Seryoua graphic novels. Some director might decide to make it a movie! Screw Spiderman 7, Screw the Dark Knight 2, Screw Watchmen, Screw Marvel & DC go buy yourself an Alex Seryoua graphic novel. Although then again she isn't really a super hero...



people still read? That's amazing! Cartoons are always more fun :)


yay picture books

well heck you are. you make a comic book (graphic bovel) about it and you will become a legend dude!

start drawing right now. pursue that goal : D

Jeez a comic by you would be great! I think your angles an composition not to mention your shading technique all work very well together.

Good luck with the project, very ambitious.

yay bloc party! brit band! and radio head i think! xD

I need to get their new single mercury! :)

sorry about the split dude!

look forward for your new shiz!

I still think Alex looks like Arin from the Esurance commercials.


you're dumb.