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Posted by danomano65 - May 3rd, 2009

Go check it out everyone! TOFUTWO is complete an in the portal. Enjoy!


UPDATE: I've already begun storyboards and concept designs for the third TOFU. I have not yet decided whether I want to wrap it all up in the third or if I'd like to make up to 6. A larger number of cartoons will make it more understandable. I fear that the third being the final could confuse people. We'll see. Thanks for viewing and voting everyone!

ALSO thanks to a few people who suggested an alternate JUSTICE song. I had never heard of Planisphere III until now. I love it. I've replaced it. It's perfect. Thanks for the suggestions.



one of the more refreshing series to hit ng in a long time.

that means a lot. Luis, i'd say that you are the influence that made me push farther for my cartoons. i was whining about not getting enough recognition with knee deep 3, but it was a flop because i didn't put enough time into it. i didn't try really. i've gotten off my ass, welll... sorta on my ass and worked non stop on these things. thanks man.

Already told you I loved it.

Great job.

It was great! Congrats!

Looking forward to 3 :)

it will change the way the first 2 look.

well i find it interesting and motivating for this series to go back to the old school.. back to sketching / drawing by hand on paper. Getting back to the roots of things.

I was talking to Ansel not long ago and he was complaining about how much he hates the bone tool .. and i thought about this series and how sometimes things that are supposed to make things easier are sometimes actually making it more complex and zapping it of the imperfections and personality of the human touch.

i totally agree. i feel like the open plane of the paper has endless possibilities while the computer screen is limited to pixels. don't get me wrong. the ease of a tween is pleasing. lol

Reminds me of Gurren Lagann when they start to control the Tofu.

Great stuff man, can't wait to see more!

I left a review and hope this helps you in the future.

all my mudkips r b3l0ng 2 dis awesomeness. Seriously amazing work Dan. oh and i still watch HALOMEN regularly. KEEP IT UP

I'm having a problem. After the preloader, when I hit play, it won't go past the title screen.

its a bug in the play button, u have to wait for it to stop moving. if it's stuck, right click and press play

HA! I told you that Planisphere III would work better :) good job! id make my rating a 9 to a 10.

yeah. i like the song.

O also if you need any other help on music feel free to ask. Im not well known on NG but on Electro music forums, and other sites ppl will know SABR. I edit and dj with ableton suite so if you need sound or music help,i gotcha. Why would I put myself out and help you? Cuz I watch every movie every day of the top 5 and your tofu series is my favorite.

dude... an animator with a GIRLFRIEND?!?!
I hate you...

I'm digging the ambiguity of the story. I have no idea what's going on, but it seems as if the story is driven with a sense of purpose so I'll definitely stick around to see what happens.

Also, this second episode really reminded me of the trailer to this movie:
<a href="http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2715252/moon_movie_trailer/">http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2715252 /moon_movie_trailer/</a>
You'll see what I mean. I'm sure there's no actual connection, but I got the same feeling.

ha, i see what u mean. and i've seen that before. it looks amazing. i don't know where they are going with that, but i think my path is a little different haha. you'll see.

When I saw the first Tofu movie, I thought that it was awesome in that the style and ideas rocked.

When I saw the TOFUTWO movie though, I thought that you got a story out of this. You could definately go far with this series, and it's definately new and refreshing. I love it. Keep on rocking.

Oh, and I just watched the Cuboid series. Any way these are connected besides the characters?

And poor Cuboid, :(