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VERDACOMB: Developing A Graphic Novel.

Posted by danomano65 - September 4th, 2009

Recently I decided to go on a road trip by myself. I drove from Savannah, GA to Atlanta, where I saw the Flaming Lips last Wednesday. That was an excellent performance; one of the most amazing celebrations of human consciousness I have ever witnessed. I proceeded to drive 10 more hours to Conway, AR, where I saw The Dandy Warhols play for free at Hendrix College. Awesome band. Met the lead singer and drummer afterward, and ended up partying with them. The lead singer happens to be releasing a graphic novel in October through Image Comics. I now have his number and email address, so hopefully that will prove to be a useful connection to the comic book industry.

All the while, I had my sketch book with me and began to design an entire culture and planet called VERDACOMB, which I am developing into a graphic novel. There is a sample below. Eventually I would like to push this idea into an animation, perhaps a series or short film. TOFU is still happening as well. I have storyboards on my devArt. My summer has been a very chaotic and beautiful ride. I regret my Power of Three project was lost in the mix. Can't look back.

Here is a larger version.

VERDACOMB Description: [Verdacomb is a tragedy. A romance. An evolutionary tale of love through organic, natural consciousness. These deeply developed characters find unity in death. And the majority of them do. The four tribes find heaven where they are. They love and cherish each other, though there are occasional spells of specism. They each believe everyone has equal right to evolution, thus working together to cultivate the harvest. Each year there is a surplus of extra food. This story is about the sport chosen to decide which species takes the extra food for their nation's continual evolutionary progress.]


VERDACOMB: Developing A Graphic Novel.


This novel looks like it'll turn out excellent! I can't wait to see the final result!

Thanks man! It's just beginning. And it'll take a long time.

holy crap! you're alive! <3

Yea dude. What do you think of the drawings?

Shittiest drawings ever :(

Just kidding, they look damn fine ;)

Hopefully it gets published, I'm still looking for an artist where I live, to make a GN. Good Luck!

the remind me of the rocklords, I used to have those toys

ha thats way before my time. i see what you mean though. very slightly.

I'd fuck it.

These concept drawings are very very good, looking forward to seeing more !

I cannot wait for this book and hopefully more insight on the characters in the teaser trailer :) Do have a release date planned yet?