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Current MUNNY Design

Posted by danomano65 - November 8th, 2007

This is what I have so far for Luis's contest. It's coming along. I still have to paint the back. Takes a long time. But it's a lot of fun. I've forgotten how much I enjoy painting. Getting the brushes out was refreshing. Should be done soon.

Current MUNNY Design


Gimmi a L! Gimmi a O! Gimmi a L! What does that spell...

Also, nice design, but I think your addicted to Halo though. Fisrt: Halo Topic. Next: Halomen. After That: Design for TSAH 3. Now: This...

eh. I actually have started to enjoy Half-Life 2 more. I just like the design of his suit.

Dude where can I download the game Portal:The Game ?

That looks really nice. It's not overdone or anything, I like that you didn't try to exactly copy his armor from the game.

looks good. i am starting to think you like MC too much.

yes. thank you for reading previous comments and responses.


You amaze me again.

i'm glad you like it!

Wanna have babies?

they would look like this.

I love you cus of cuboy...aaaand that looks jawesome

i love all of your work!

lol koo. kinda looks like the mark v armor, but you can tell it's mark vi upon closer inspection. great job

i'm glad i caused inspection.

My god.
That is nice.

Thats is the best, i wish i could buy that off you, can i?

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