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TOFUZILLA Production Begins

Posted by danomano65 - June 9th, 2010

I am living in Savannah, GA. My summer class has been canceled. And I have been fired from my stupid job at this art supply store down the street. It seems I have only one choice. I am going to animate the new reanimated TOFUZILLA ALL SUMMER LONG. I had that job during last quarter and was swamped by continuous homework and shifts behind a register, my dyslexia setting in, reading numbers backwards and screwing up the cash register and customer's purchases.. maybe I was fired for a good reason. That reason is to begin the most complex and longest project I've ever attempted. I've been preparing for this over the past year, from the first TOFU cartoon I produced last spring. I made three of them consecutively in a period of two months before summer began. Ever since then I have been developing the story through visualized boards and time-line mapping. The story is the important part to me. I have dedicated a lot of time to the sequence of events that are TOFU, and I believe that when these films are done a new opportunity will be produced, perhaps a series for Adult Swim one day, if I find the right connections.

Right now I am reproducing the first three, which are now simply previsualizations, animatics for the final film. The first will be titled TOFUZILLA, and will begin with the events before TOFU 1-3 and tell the story linearly according to the experience of the protagonist. The first film will end with the awaited battle that was about to take place at the end of TOFU3.

Below is a still from the opening of the new movie, which will be approximately 15 minutes long, and the first of three. The final film will be all three of the movies combined and sold perhaps on DVD or released in a festival of some sort. Who knows. Right now it is one frame at a time. 24 frames per second..

TOFUZILLA Production Begins


I'm too lazy to read, where the fuck you've been?!

i have high hopes for this one! best a' luck!

Great pic! Did you draw this? If so, it's an awesome piece of art!

Sounds epic, you should sell the final product on a dvd (or as a digital product) id definitely buy it.

That aside

@Soldorado I'm too lazy to read
Admits he dint read it = ok, no harm done, he wanted to ask about something else.

@SUPER-JOHN-DOE Great pic! Did you draw this? If so, it's an awesome piece of art!
Fails misserablely by not reading the post and not knowing Tofu series, then rushing to post about the picture (though i have to admit its amazing :D)

XD Yeah,I was too bored to read the post. It's too long so I just commented about the pic. XD