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Posted by danomano65 - December 7th, 2007

Go watch it.

Also, I've reposted HALOMEN on Youtube. It was taken down because of sexual content. haha, but this version is edited. And after the credits, I've included a small clip from HALOMEN2. Check it out right here.

BTW... currently there are no plans for a 3. But it's a possibility. Like Pixar said when they were asked about Toy Story 3, "if there's a story to tell, and it's good, then we'll do it." Except the we would be an I cuz I work alone, at least in the animation. Story telling so far has been a group effort.




i agree.

Bitchin' I can't wait!

Neither can I! Cuz this is taking soooo long! haha

awesome i can t wait

i'm glad ur excited.


Nice i love your series. This one looks awesome.

Hey thanks man!

So you don't want criticism just mindless praise? Sheez.

Well i'm no fan of idiots flexing their little dicks through mindless insults.

Coming next Tanklifemen?
(Half life 2 tank men? :O)

City 17 will make an appearance.

allrighty ill play halo 3 while waiting lol try adding an overkill next, wait is it based on halo 3? cuz elites look passive in the screeny

well they unite, kinda like in the halo 2 and 3 story lines. it's a little similar, but like HALOMEN, i've altered story lines.

Fair enough I suppose. I prefer to tell people off when they are totally off base myself. ;)

Lol will they fix Steve? He makes me think of infected boils and death.

could you try to release it by Jan 19? that's my B-day, and tons of stuff it happening then.

lol, i'm glad you consider this release a present.

hell yes

I recommend you return to the Office Spider series (remarkably original and creative) before you get branded as someone with no originality who combines two popular things he didn't create in order to get a lot of views (Tankmen + Halo, Harry Potter + South Park, Lost + 24, etc).
Seriously, man, you're talented. There's tons of potential in your original series. Get back to the good stuff. Just because this stuff gets high scores doesn't mean you'll be known as a great animator.

Okay man. You didn't read the above. I have a whole new, original Cartoon series in mind. Sure I have another OS planned, but this is going to be a massive thing. I've been thinking of this for months now. Since summer at least. Just because I combine things doesn't mean I'm unoriginal. It's fun. That's what all of this should be. Don't take it so seriously.


looking forward to it

also don't listen to that guy above

the writing was original and hilarious and more importantly I LIKE YOUR MOVIES SO DONT STOP

I appreciate it man. You'll like this one. Lots of other video game references. And the plot thickens. I'm enjoying making this and that's all that should matter.

I like " Boinky33". He's probably one of my favorite "under-rated" artists on NG.
He had recent success with "You Love This Movie" but it's also worth checking out some of his lesser known works.
Hope it helps!

dude you already have 2 minutes done? sweet.

Interesting, but if I may offer some advise. You may want to get a writer to help you out, most of your jokes, and story line isn't bad, but a writer might be able to give it that edge. If you decide you would like one I know a few, and I'm one my self. I know most of us are always willing to give a few tips, or contributions :)

Also I hope to see more from you, this series is a great one indeed. I just hope the idiot infected by the flood pops one of these says XD

god bless halomen, halo, tankmen, aphex twin, quentin tarantino, msn, newground, and the fulp brothers.oh, yeah, u 2 ^^

love your art and alll that thangs.

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