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What's Next for HALOMEN?

Posted by danomano65 - December 15th, 2007

Here's your first look at the future of HALOMEN, and I mean that quite literally.
Your next fix will be HALOMEN7, the seventh installment in the series will serve as the third in the trilogy.
I never expected this to become such a big deal, and I've talked to JohnnyUtah about the situation and he even likes what I've done. So I've decided to make one more before I delve deep into my own series I have in mind. I actually have 2 series planned, which sucks because I can't decide which to start.

Anyways, this episode will begin in the middle of the action, taking you deeper into the plot with a good ole' "Previously, on HALOMEN" at the beginning. I am aiming for more laughs, while delivering the story I have in mind, which is a good one I must say. I may update this later, that's all for now.


What's Next for HALOMEN?



What happened to 3,4,5 and 6?

What have you done to them!?

i lost them. sorry dude. haha

can you use fbf instead of JUST tweening? a mixture of both?

piss out my ass on to Saltshakerclock's mom's fat jew face. - Cartman.

i think he will most likely be following a similar path to starwars. ie making the sequels before the prequels.

no prequels.

why 7? tell me, please?

because 6 and 8 are even numbers and i wanted it to be out in the future. but with a cool looking number. baha

Are you gonna continue the Knee Deep in Death series? Anway looks sweet, can't wait. Peace.


so its becoming something like star wars? where they tell the future then the past? thats cool...

no. it's kinda like a TV show that you haven't seen in a while. the past is told in summary at the beginning and then you see the present, which happens to be the future. ha.


i never said i didn't like you flash. I am not jewish by the way. i think halomen is a great series.

i was joking.

No offense man, but I liked the original HALOMEN much better than the second.
(then again, maybe it's just me)
I hope you can pull the third up so it can live up to all the hype.
What two other series do you have in mind?

1. A totally written series based on a book i wrote.

2. A scifi series about a girl genetically altered with alien DNA.

Very intriguing. What's your written series about? The sci fi one sounds cool, but I don't know what the other one is about. Good luck on the next halomen!

yeah, but still about the tweening, i think that's why some people are complaining about it, but i liked it. But you should add a lot more jokes.

Private Skittles?

That sounds great man!
I cant wait for it and also your aother series.
I love your stuff!
Also shouldn't it be HALOMEN117?

haha good one.

where are the other episodes oh well l love your flashes anyyas

you don't get it. you guys don't get it.

Ugh, its simple...

he's skipping 3,4,5, and 6 because

1) he would exhaust the comedy before he got to end his story. 7 episodes in a comedy? Theres only so much you can do in a flash series
2) if he skips to 7 he can delve STRAIGHT into the hard-core cation climax, still make it funny as hell and pretend that there was this huge war
3) he can mock all you pre-teen fat kids who just learned to count then your like "wtf, the skool lied. They told me number go 1,2,3!"
4) it gave him an oppertunity to say "talk to the hand"

... all anyone really wants is to create a great flash series... create a greate flash series and bring back amazingly out of fashion terms that is ...

Looking foward to number 7. rock on dano!

you sir are my hero. i love you. and i'm making this flash for you.

What does it take to be a TRUE haloman?!

hairy balls.

Thumbs up for halomen 7.

Aw I wish Steve didn't die. At least he's back now, cuz they went to the past.

more like rewrote it. haha

I wonder what would it be like if Steve was still in the state he was before time rewrote itself... Anyways, good luck with that.

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