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My Plans for 2008: ALEX SEROUYA

Posted by danomano65 - December 25th, 2007

My next project is a series of episodes surrounding the missions of ALEX SEROUYA.
I don't know how many there will be or if it will be released before summer, but I do know that it will be action packed and full of twists.

Alex wakes one day with strange powers. Her DNA has been manipulated by an alien race determined to take over the world. Once she escapes their grasp, her mission becomes finding the answers she needs to stop this army of altered humans. My friend Austin Soplata is going to help me with the writing. But if there is anyone out there that is interested in helping, you're welcome to it.

I have 30 seconds of HALOMEN7 complete. Not much production with Christmas come, and now gone. I plan to get a lot done on that this week and next week.

Below is a character design of Alex I drew over the summer, and today rendered in flash. What are your thoughts?

My Plans for 2008: ALEX SEROUYA


Looks fantastic, but, if you don't mind my saying so, um, one of her breasts is half the size of the other. And her shoulders and torso shape aren't very womanly.

Aside from that, looks great, and I'll be interested in seeing how this turns out.

yeaah. it's a rough sketch thing. I'll get better figure stuff together later. I also think the forehead is too long. Thanks for the comment tho.

It's common for girls' breasts to be of disproportionate size. Alex could be a role model for girls with uneven breasts. :)

Haha. I hope this doesn't turn into Checkity Check before you riggity wreck.

Hey! I just checked out your Halomen and zombie flash movies and they are really well put together. I just came by to say Merry Christmas and your flash movies rock!

hey! I appreciate that.

looks good so far. but her head is a little off, i can't figure out why. maybe it's because her head is small compared to her body, But other than that, looks great!

I bet this is gonna be great based on the fact that the HALOMEN series kicks ass! At first glance, I would probably compare this to, at the top of my head, Metroid Prime's Samus Aran. I think the rough sketch looks fine maybe you could say that it's the suit she's wearing that causes people to think her breast is deformed haha. I love writing stories, of varying genres, and in the off-chance that you might need my help my services are on the table ^-^ If not, well at least I put it out there :D

Nice idea dude

.... /girl or both?

Good sketch but just touch it up a bit and fatten the arms a bit because it's too thin and as you said the forehead's a bit too long. Get a good voice actor and you're good to go!

P.S. PM me if you want some scriptwriting help.

that is a nice picture

Nice rough sketch with potential for a good movie, keep up the good work.

why are you such a jerk?