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VERDACOMB, the Graphic Novel: Progress UPDATE

2012-10-29 17:20:30 by danomano65

For the past year I have been pushing the development of the VERDACOMB story, a graphic novel I have been writing since before I graduated college. Currently I am forming the chapters and planning a release schedule, while scripts are finalized and drawing moves forward. I plan on debuting VERDACOMB as a webcomic, with short animations expanding the world. I could have published the first chapter several months ago if I rushed into things, yet I have taken the patient route and have been revising to strengthen the overall direction and pace of the story.

You can follow progress of production on the VERDACOMB Facebook Page, as well as Tumblr.

Check out the city of VERDACOMB, a skyline image I finished last week.

Below is potential cover art.

VERDACOMB, the Graphic Novel: Progress UPDATE


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2012-10-29 22:08:12

im glad to see you still making this.