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ALEX SERYOUA News and Art [Post Premiere Article]

Posted by danomano65 - March 9th, 2008

Hey everyone, Dan here.

So ALEX SERYOUA has officially begun, and with a rocky start I might add. The majority of complaints were based around the animation style and disjointed walking sequences. I understand. I've hear you, for the 130th time. Almost went insane reading that over and over.

The majority of people were content with what little plot was revealed in this first installment, which is what I intended...obviously. I was really surprised by the amount of people that lashed out when they finished watching the movie and realized they knew next to nothing about what was going on. This is what I was going for. It's different. I didn't want to go by the books. Or the outlines that say "Present character, wait this amount of time before anything cool happens, show the viewer this so they understand." Honestly, that's boring.

But this is probably due to the fact that I'm a huge fan of LOST, and am perfectly content with knowing nothing. I love to theorize about the show, which is what I thought people would like to do with the first episode. Instead people interpreted the lack of info as plot holes, as if this cartoon was supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end within the 3 minutes. Yet what you don't realize is that everything that took place in the episode was intentional and had a purpose. Yes, some people assumed that she instantly knew how to use the suit, yet no one even considered that maybe it was the suit that was reacting. More on that in later episodes. There are things occurring in the facility that are causing the effects you witness. I gave you the reaction, later you will learn the causes.

So if you are interested in knowing what happens, then I'd be happy to see you there when I upload the next ones. But if it's not your thing, then don't bother showing up. I'm willing to say that I may have overreacted to several of the reviews, but people were just not understanding my concepts and accusing me of not knowing how to write or how to present from a director's point of view. I will also admit that maybe the shaky cam got out of control a few times. Nothing to scream about though.

I'm pleased with the turn out. A mixed reaction is always good. A lot of people actually gave constructive criticism instead of just pointing out everything bad. I appreciate everyone that supported the cartoon and voted. Stay tuned for the next installment, which will probably be in a couple of months.

Below is a picture drawn by ArmatureBoy on DeviantArt. Sweet fan art!!!

ALEX SERYOUA News and Art [Post Premiere Article]


Don't let idiots get you down about this shit. Check some accounts, most of them haven't submitted a thing, and the ones who have are all sprite movies. Hardly the types who are qualified to make an educated evaluation.

Besides, we have plenty of fun laughing at some of those reviews, don't we?

ooooh yeah. last night. got some good laughs over skype. hahahaha

too tell ya the truth i thought i was watching a sequel to cloverfield or something, I liked how you dind't tell us much about the characters and plot outline it has me waiting for the next episode so i can learn more about the characters, a lot like heroes.

aaaaah yeaaah. Heroes kicks ass. i love that show. too bad the writers strike screwed up the 2nd season, it was just getting good too!

It remind me of Samus and the metroid series.
It was nicely done though.

well that's probably because there really aren't enough cool women figures in the sci fi/gamer world. Sure someone will retort with a list later, but i think there could be more. The ratio of male heroes to female heroes is out of proportion. I hope that after this series, maybe someone will make a female hero and a viewer will say they are reminded of Alex! haha, i wish.

It's definately gonna be a sweet series, and I hope I didn't come off like I wanted you to go by the book with the storytelling. It's just nice to know something about the character. It doesn't even have to be EVERYTHING. I guess I can't really explain it, but I felt like it happened way too fast, But I'm guessing that her abduction wasn't really all that important in the main plot, and that your main story focus will be in her trying to return home. But even Lost had character development, we just can't read your mind, that's all man, hehe.

i understand. i'll do a better job depicting my thoughts visually.

Good flash, could improve a lot though!! I think that will come as you continue working with flash.

the next one will be better.

I have noticed it's been a while since anyone actually submitted a Science-Fiction movie with a serious tone. Maybe newgrounders just weren't ready for it. I noticed too many people pointed out flaws in your movie that are under the category or realistic things. People who waste their life, pointing out or caring about minimal flaws of realism only do it because it's among the few things they see is obvious making them feel actually smart. It's only easier to point them out in an animation rather than live action. because already in an animation the sense of realism is taken down a big notch.

Just because someone works on a flash cartoon with a more serious tone doesn't mean their goal is trying to make it a replication of reality.

I think the most annoying thing about the reviews was people being nit-picky about the "realistic" properties in the cartoon. for GOD F'ing SAKE, THERE ARE ALIENS AND SUPER SUITS! WHATS THE WHOLE FUSS ABOUT BEING REALISTICALLY ACCURATE.

-Fantastic job on the start of what most likely will be a great series on newgrounds. People need to start realising that good original material isn't only made by older more experienced animators like James Farr or Adam Philips.


woot. all hail the uprising. haha thanks for all the support. ur awesome dude.

Vndgl doesn't know about flashes! you can keep shaky screen on action only. Now the main reason I came here is to feedback your blog. I know what you mean when people didn't get your actual content. The main point of the first episode was to give clues to the audience for the next upcoming episodes. The audience where suppose to predict whats happening to Alex and briefly analyze the scenes. Since some people on NG are ignorant they don't know the meaning of suspense when its link to a flash like this one.

totally. thanks for replying, i appreciate it. you know what's going on here.

I came here to say that I support your original work. It's better than doing those parodies because you're willing to try something fresh which is cool. Don't get discouraged just because some dudes are trying to criticize you for not making a parody flash.

thanks. i'm trying to start something new. though ppl assume it'll be just like other things, i have a cool story driving it. something that most of NG lacks.

i'm your host richard dunn

Well, I really liked the first episode and I cant wait for more

But please, tone down the shakiness of the camera :|. I know that its been said about 100 times, but it does get kinda annoying.

And I also applaud you for making something that isn't comedy or video game related.

Keep up the good work

That Like... Ridiculus

I definitely liked this... Reminded me of Prey, especially with some of the ways the aliens and BGs looked. Can't wait to see more of this! Keep up the good work.

i'm going to have to look into this Prey thing. haha, ur not the first to say that.

I got that the suit was doing all the action, must be my 147 IQ (just to say so). It was nice to end on a shot of the Earth from the Moon, which I got instantly after she left the base. I also enjoyed the shaky camera, which has evolved a lot since Awesomefield.

YAY!!! you are smart. and i'm glad there are ppl that could appreciate an intelligent attempt to make a cartoon. You sir are good.

Are you going to make knee deep in death 3 soon?
You said in a review that i saw at the movie knee deep in death 2 that you are going to make a 3rd one.
Is this true? and when is it comin out?

KDID3 will be a halloween special this year. i'll work on it mostly this summer. it's going to be brutal and hardcore. more blood and dead walking with a more terrible and consequential ending this time.

I thought it was a pretty good animation. I like the chances you took graphically and from a storytelling perspective. Its natural for people to be uncomfortable or take things badly when you are introducing a genre that they arent accustomed to or a storytelling style that isnt the norm. I think David Firth started off like that, where at first people were like this is too weird why is he being so weird its making me uneasy.. and he just kept at it and stuck to his game and people have come to accept the reality. In the end, its your animation and you should be able to tell it how you see fit. You can just be like: 'Its my prerogative! and dance away like bobby brown

hahaha thanks man.

I can't believe how much I overestimated this cartoon...


Never show the monsters the first episode.
...heck, just never show em if theyre gonna look crap like that.

Have fun with your crappy looking metroid animation thing.

Have fun fucking your pigs.

I still think it's really freaking good, no matter how much you decided to leave out on this episode. I still think it funny how thick the aliens' skin looks like, and then, BLEUG! I'm dead and my guts are all over the place. But that's just me.

So... when is number 2 coming out?

wow... the image is just fantatic

Haha i like the part about not knowing whats going on, that was a huge issue for me in the first episode of my series "Exile", i ended up adding a whole new scene at the last minute because i figured i needed more character backround, i guess i went by the book :(

kudos to you though, you pulled it off! Can't wait for the next

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