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MGS Collab: Penis Overdose

Posted by danomano65 - July 7th, 2008

The long awaited MGS Collab was unleashed just recently and I must say that I am honored to be a coauthor and to be 2nd in line on the playlist. With 50 artists, the turn out was a toss up really. There were some brilliant ones and there were some weak sauce ones.

I was particularly disappointed by the overuse of penis in this collab. I actually didn't expect it, which is surprising all by itself. The NG crowd is a big fan of the cock, for some reason. Everytime I saw one, all I could think of is how the fallic image was in the place of a well thoughtout script, or clever humor. These cocks were some cop-outs, seeking to amuse the immature audience. I'm not so much pissed off by the fact that the cocks demoralized Metal Gear. I've never played one of the games! So it would be stupid for me to defend the series. They were just there for both shock value and the furthering of some strange internet fad. But Stamper's cartoon was the cherry on top. It made me question whether I had outgrown NG all together. I guess I was looking forward to something less sexually graphic. If I was looking for that I would have just watched porn!

I can't even tell the majority of my friends to go check it out because of the humor choices. Most of them would turn it off after seeing the first dick! And I wouldn't dare show my own girlfriend. It almost made me embarressed to be a part of it all. Point is if you don't have a firm knowledge of the subject matter, find someone who does to help you with a thoughtout script! My friend Ed helped with the dialogue and storyboarding. And look how ours turned out!

I'm not disappointed in the effort put into the animation. The styles were superb. The drawings were excellent. I just want to see NG put its talent toward something more respectable. IMO.

MGS Collab: Penis Overdose


As the author of many penis inducing flashes, I agree with you. Too much dick, can cause you to click....out.

im glad somone finnally came out and said it i think stampers was ok but i still agree! i think the people on this site just need a little bit more time to mature. but i have a small fear that the days of well thought out cock jokes are near over but there is hope. and please PLEASE DONT LEAVE NG... or at least take me with im really bored. |: |

lmfao at the guy above. well thought out dick joke. haha what an oxymoron.

anyway I like a dick joke just fine, and I loved Stamper's part, but I see where you're coming from. I'd argue that a parody where you just grab the subject matter like that and make obvious observations is just as bad though.

Honestly NG's parodies are like Epic Movie a.k.a. BAD when I wish they were like Naked Gun or Walk Hard a.k.a. Good.

I think you have it mixed up it should be I am not angry I am disappointed that always stings more.


I agree with you 100%. Those cock jokes are way to overused, and I wish the amazing animators who use them would stop, because their talent is wasted when it could go towards things much better. Sure, those immature people out there might get a high out of it, but for the majority it is getting very lame. Please NG!! Move on already!!

Very True. There was a overuse of penis in it. it kind of ruined the experience a little. yet it was still very funny and I but it one one of my top favorites. yours was great by the way. penis jokes are funny but wow there was too much.

Maybe DISC 2 will have a little less...............................

Yeah I'm getting tired of the cock jokes too, some were... acceptable but... I have the same problem to chowing it to my friends, I won't do it unless I skip scenes, well anyway I have to tell you man yours was amazingly funny, really original :D

Even while being the INCREADIBLY immature person i am, i agree, there is a bit to much dick in this......most pointless, some funny. By the way, wahts the name of the Heavy metal song that was playing when snake goes satanic with the axe? Great job on you scene!

Yup. I've been feeling the same way for a while now. Not just about the dicks, but about the main content this site seems to worship now too. Videogame parodies stay on the front page about 4x longer than any other ORIGINAL flashes.

I submitted a part that I hope will be used in Disc 2. I wrote a script, used up the full 30 seconds, and storyboarded it. It's clever in my opinion and deals with the above topic but then again I don't think many people will get it. IF it's used that is ;(

I feel the same way as you. I wanted to send this to a few friends but now I'm not so sure...
PS: Your flash was one of my favorites. ^_^

I agree, the cock jokes are stupid, but it will never ever end, they had to do it with GoW, so they probably thought it would be funny with this. I didn't find it funny though. By the way, your part was the best.
"Now that's fucking METAL!"

Amen to that! I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you there, it's almost as if...you can see into my mind?! <--- Metal Gear humour.

Stamper's submission...well you said all that needed to be already.

Aside from that, your's was my favourite submission. My friend and i (as i watched it for the first time at his place this afternoon) both agreed. Was that a Dethklock (sp?) tune in the background?

P.S. -- a fellow user of the term "weak sauce". AWESOME! *internet air-five*

its Hybrid Stigmata - The Apostasy by Dimmu Borgir.

Lols, about the collab. What's the song that plays when Snake goes totally death metal? It rocks!!!!..........not that...........i'm death metal........................

i completely agree. i was thinking of joining but thought this might happen. and it's a strange feeling not being able to show some buddies an animation because of the quantity of hardcore dick jokes. which to many people (still) don't find funny. I'm okay with them personally. but dan did bring up a good point where it's sad how you when it comes to not being able to show many people your work.

Well, I can take a cock joke for one, but I definitely have to agree with you. And most of the cock jokes weren't even funny...

I do have to say that your segment was by far my favorite.

Damn, that's fuckin' METAL.

you love the cock. and so does your girlfriend. hahahaha.

anyways awesome submission. thats fucking metal. damn right it is....

also its just human anatomy, if you can't look at it without cringing go back to sunday school plz.

but i will admit, although i'm a huge fan of man assrape, that was a bit excessive.

Wow I'm glad you posted this because it is also what I think, but I sriously thought I was the only one. My boyfriend and I have also participated in the collab and have been waiting for it anxiously. When I saw the 1st part had come out I got so excited. My boyfriend and I saw it together... when I saw 2 animations, in particular, I was so disapointed. I thought thats all newgrounds was about and had become ashamed in joining this collab. =( I decided to stop coming to newgrounds indefinately... until today when I was shown this post. I wasn't as lucky as your girlfriend who didn't get to see it. I am also not going to dare see the rest of the collab and am disapointed in the moderators...who have a special responsibility and clearly dont ablige by it...very disapointing.

I completly agree with you... I actually tried something today.. I tried skipping all the stupid ones, and saw the rest.. it became 10x more enjoyable.
Its like that overuse of penises really detracted the overall enjoyment of the collab. I really hope part 02 isnt like this.. my part didnt get in the first half, and if it gets in part 2, i really hope its not anything like this one.
What i'm amazed is that people actually thought, that just because there is a penis onscreen it made it = FUNNY. Which actually made it the other way around. Its like they didnt even try to be funny... just wanted the shock value.

If it makes you happy, mine includes no dicks whatsoever :3

Nice submission though

'Glad to see some people are over this whole penis/immature influence. What's with that trend anyways? Though I must say, the previous collabs were much worse. The Queers of War collab was plainly about dicks and cock jokes, and the transformers collab had maybe half of its flashes based on random dick-fooling. Hopefully, this whole thing will soon be over, and collabs will regain some overall quality and value.

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