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Bad News: My Hard Drive is Fried

Posted by danomano65 - July 12th, 2008

Title is self-explanatory.

My computer is done. The hard drive decided to fry itself. Most of my flash work is gone. I managed to recover the .fla file for Episode 6 of Office Spider with the help of a few friends. Though, I have yet to get my hands on a flash program. The application on my external hard drive won't work on my girlfriend's computer.

I am losing a week and a half on flash work time, so everything I was working on is delayed. I have begun story-boarding a new flash though. It's going to be awesome. I guess I'll just be reading and playing video games until I go to Memphis to have it fixed.

Radio silence.

PS: lol this is not a pic of my comp. i googled "Fried Macbook hard drive"
This is a pic of a battery fire, but it was funny for the post.

Bad News:  My Hard Drive is Fried


Man...This seems to happen to alot of flash artist's, or the one's I know anyway.

This seems to happen to all the crappy artists. JUST KIDDING.

That sucks...bad.

thats not pretty..

Damn, when you say "Fried" you meant fried! When this was occurring, what kind of reaction did you have?!? Hope your computer can recover some of your files, and I look forward to any new work.

you cant trust a machine

I know you can't tell us, but did you kill the terrorists who attempted to destroy the evidence?

I bombed a nursing home.

Shit happens. :3


The same awful stuff happened to a friend friend of mine , it must be really frustrating ... i mean all your hard work dessapeared for ever and now you'll have to make it all over again .. except for the Office Spider episode ( i still don't know how you manage to save that .fla )

maybe you can further fry it and perhaps it will reverse the process ... tmrw is opposites day!

Keep a copy of your current project(s) backed up on a thumb drive, and even better, a remote server if possible. It's worth the effort :|

Oh - No.

I'm really sorry.


Holy fucking shit, that must be a bummer : /

I keep seeing stuff like this and its scary.

You pump out flashes like clockwork though so it cant be all bad.

yay! no more halotankmen. lolz

ah i never planned on making another one of those things. yah. ...

Computer Incinerated Hard Drive,
Computer is on a killing spree...

But seriously, that sucks. Also, Osuka (<a href="http://osuka.newgrounds.com/">http://osuka.newgrounds.com/</a>) recently got a virus on his computer...

Epic :( All Around...

Oh teh noes! The flaming macboookkkk!
I'd recommend SmcFanControl to find the temperature of your mac and to change the fan speed.
Anyways, that sucks, hope it doesn't happen to me :O

oh lol, i googled that pic. it seemed very epic. my hard drive just crashed. useless.

Um... That sucks. At least you stopped the frying before it spread farther. Hope you're able to recover all your files (or at least had backed them up).

Man, computers suck.

So the moral of this story is, All computers are shit and they'll brake down just to piss you off.

Did you had it on top of that magazine? and how old was it?

That sucks hard

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