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I love all your stuff.

My favorite is the dog one. I have that in my favorites. I think this was pretty long and good animation! You're getting better and your characters are developing... maybe because they are u and your actual brother? but i liked it alot. hence the 10. and 5. stuff.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, yes, they're all based on real people (except the villains and a few minor characters). The personalities are exaggerated for comedy's sake, though. I'm not really that stupid (most of the time at least :p), Johny's not that self concious and mello, etc etc. Exaggeration is the key to comedy as far as I'm concerned. This isn't a biography, it's a cartoon. So I like to have fun with it as I go along. Good to hear you liked it! Thanks for the review!

Good Job.

i liked it. alot.

Cambo responds:

I like you a lot. Hey if you liked it, could you do me a favour and recommend it for the Funny Cartoons collection? I'd do it myself about a hundred times but that's kinda immoral. Plus I already tried.

cool. but.

what is up with that song. i was unable to focus. it made my ears bleed.

mighty-max23 responds:

You make me wanna' La la ;)


that was interesting. im pretty drunk... slash buzzed. i mean, im not drunk, but i'm buzzed. i had a little to drink. anyway, that was crazy. good work.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, if you were really drunk, there'd be a lot more typos than that I'd think. Either that or your one of those people that, when drunk, unlock hidden abilities when under the influence. Hidden abilities, like... tap dancing... and stuff. Thanks for the review!


at the beginning, the voice sounded a lot like Tom fulp. i was confused.

JunkFoodKing responds:

Nope. Aaron Barrett, lead singer of Reel Big Fish.


the sequences in this movie are strangely similar to the Fallen Angel Teaser. if u haven't seen it u should check it out, but i doubt u haven't seen it. u have good sound.

Swim-The-Swan responds:

I have seen fallen angel and are a big fan of the project. The Taegukgi series was inspired by FA and this was inspired by Taegukgi so...


pretty innovative

i liked how it was animated. like those office signs or bathroom signs. nice work!

MarkArandjus responds:

Whoa danomano :D
I saw some of your stuff! Famous review, excellent!

Haha, anyway thanks, everybody keeeps saying that, it's copied offa the album cover ;)


i voted five. i liked that u took time to make nice backgrounds.

MarcyVF responds:

Thanks a lot! Yeah, we used plenty of time on those :)


i think this is a great means for advertising. good show, good show. im tempted to buy it! but for now, i'm afraid i have 40 dollars on hold for my Harry Potter 7. haha

NakedPenguinBoy responds:

It was very hard work making this animation, so I think the advertising is justified, many people reviewed saying it's bad that we have advertisments in our submissions, and yet no one complains about sponsored games or mochiads. It's good to hear you can apreciate that everyone needs to make a living!
Thanks for the review

well done.

my favorite parts were the beginning voice and the replay button. i thought the button was brilliant. tho it would have helped to have added more detail to the MCs and the voices could have been a little more audible. BUT nonetheless, I laughed!

M4KBOT responds:

My recordings are usually a but quiet, which is annoying because if I shout it will ruin the quality. I hope the subtitles helped though, thanks!

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