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i liked it.

my girlfriend would be disappointed.
she is Kirby every time.

where is kirby???

CaptainRadd responds:

Still figuring out what to do with Kirby, I'm afraid.

it was alright.

i really liked the part with mario rocking out. the animation was detailed and better than the rest. also had a retro and modern art look. like andy warhol animation. you should look into that.

Rudy responds:

Hah, I'm glad you liked the Mario rocking out, actually alot of people liked the Mario part -- as well with the Stewie one. I never heard of Andy Warhol, I'll look into that definitely. I may have already seen it -- I'll check it out soon. Thank you.

verry nice

i'm kinda drunk.
think i may get sick.

bagel bites. eh.

well i loved this. the collaboration was great. liked how coherent the story was with all the different styles tied together. and then the clock crew get fucked in the end. that's what i want to see from a pico movie. fuck the CC.

-Dan Berry

calcoA responds:

Haha, thanks. But I must say one thing, I used to hate the CC, but now that I animated that scene, they have started to grow on me.

Anyways, thanks for the review! :)


the beginning reminded me of adult swim.
and did u really open a coke a spray it on the ceiling by accident?


Dan-Dark responds:

really...that was O.O (none words)
T_T Terror in my kitchen!

acid anyone?

really trippy and crazy animation. unexpected indeed.
quite unique and insane. confusing.
overall crazy.


MRat responds:

yeah, that's what i was aiming for.

hey nice man!

hey there, u commented on my Knee deep in death movie. thanks for the support. i liked yours as well. more subtle and intense. u played on the weapons role and this guy was prepared! although, he's going to need more ammo!

-Dan Berry

Gi-go responds:

Hehe, alot more.

I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review!


well let me summarize.

a girl opens conversation, mostly small talk with this guy, asking him if he has ever been on a rollercoaster. and he punches her.
now he never considered if this could have been an opportunity to get some ass, since he punched her in the face. But she could have been using this rollercoaster as a metaphor, as if he was to reply with "yes indeed i have been on a rollercoaster," where she says" WELL U'VE NEVER RIDDEN ANYTHING LIKE ME BEFORE! FUCK ME LIKE THEY DO IN THOSE TARZAN MOVIES WITH YOUR BIG COCK!"

but he had to punch her.

ofaaron responds:

Y... y... yeah? I'll have to do that one as an alternate ending. Be sure to look for it on the Ultra Omega Collector's Choice Edition DVD Turbo. It'll be selling at all retail outlets soon for $49.95.

i thought it was magnificent

better than most shit that has been flung into the NG portal this week.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

aww, shucks, now I'm blushing! Thanks.

this is so tragic.

i'm so sorry for your loss.
it's sweet of you to post this so that your friends may see it and share it with others.

Thelittlerich responds:

Thankyou! It means a lot.

bitch got shanked.

This dude got owned.
im glad you didnt do stick figures and they at least have some form.


classicgamer responds:

i know haha

Arrive without traveling.

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