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danomano65's News

Posted by danomano65 - September 7th, 2007

I had this up on the Art and Flash forums. Decided it should be up on my page as well.

Oh, and the cartoon is now over 4 minutes long.


Posted by danomano65 - September 3rd, 2007

Hello fellow NG authors and viewers!
I believe I'm running a marathon here because I've recently hit a wall. This long weekend sent me into a lazy spell and I partied too much. Made some progress today. We'll see how things turn out. I am now expecting the cartoon to be between 3 and 3.5 minutes. All depends. I considered making an earlier release but remembered that Madness day is the 22nd. That wouldn't work out. So my project is still set for the 24th. Make sure to log on that day for the upload. Thanks for reading!

HALOMEN Production Log 4

Posted by danomano65 - August 27th, 2007

The video is now at the 2 minute mark. Working on some story details and plot corrections. Most of the script is done and I'm ready to dive into the ring planet itself.

I took a weekend off of the cartoon and visited a friend in Nashville that goes to Watkins, hit up Memphis to see another friend and found my way to Hendrix College in AR where I danced to the sounds of Girltalk, and had the dude leave my girlfriend a voicemail because she didn't get to come.

I've had a good time. Wink.

Here's a screen shot of an elite from my cartoon.


Posted by danomano65 - August 18th, 2007

Well I think i'm going to have the entire thing in one cartoon instead of the previous idea of splitting it into 3 parts. The cartoon is currently 1 minute and 30 seconds exact. And i still have a little over a month to complete this for my chosen date. I can't wait to animate giant battles and the flood. This is really exciting because I also have better audio software. I expect this to be one of my better pieces.

HALOMEN Production Log 2

Posted by danomano65 - August 9th, 2007

Ok, i think the script for part one is complete. I may extend it a little longer or add random clips in. Last night i finished two backgrounds for a crashlanding scene from Halo 1. The program for recording I bought should arrive in the mail soon and then i'll be able to get this started. I still have to render a few of the remaining marine weapons and I have to produce an elite, grunt, and hunter. I don't think i'll have jackals, unless i feel the need for a shield or two in a scene. I can't wait to have energy swords swinging. I think I have the entire thing laid out in my head so far. I still need to have Cortana humor. If anyone has suggestions, they are welcome.

But this weekend may slow things down. my girlfriend is in town and my friends sister drowned in a pool the other night so there is a funeral. tragic. she was drunk and barred out. please everyone, don't swim while intoxicated. be responsible. seriously.

but that's all for now.
Thanks for reading!


Posted by danomano65 - August 8th, 2007

I can't wait to get this show on the road.
I have so many ideas, plus the approval of JohnnyUtah, i never expected him to deny it but so many people burst into flames at the idea of someone making a high quality spoof of another persons creation.
I may even split it into 3 parts. The size of this could be bigger than i anticipate. But nonetheless i do want to strive for a completion early on September 24.

Also the audio will be good in this one. The others have been crappy because i export out of sound track and they are in aiff. format, i'm getting Sound Studio, which allows me to export in wav. so it will be much better.

That's all for now!

HALOMEN is now in production

Posted by danomano65 - August 8th, 2007

This is the original office spider comic.
The one that my friends saw and said, "Hey Dan, you should make this into a cartoon."

Click Here

The Comic that started it all.