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Very cool. Try to animate a time-lapse shot of a sunset or something, on an alien world. I wanna see that.

I really like the opening logo eye ball guy face planting. It cut straight to the movie perfectly. And this was a funny concept. Good work!


Brilliant. A perfect metaphor for LSD and ego destruction. Organic life amassed from the world around it, while consciousness is smothered by the worldly desires. Blasting off is quite the experience!


Oh man. I remember this. That was forever ago. I thought it was pretty good, for the parts of animation you had. All I know is my voicing was terrible then hahaha. Classic.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Hahaha! Thanks for the time though :] On to better things!


One time I was driving on the highway at night, and I saw a truck in front of me. It was raining. And in my head I saw the truck swerve out of control. So I got freaked out and backed off. Then a few seconds later it happened. I saw a kid fall of his skate board before it happened once.

Another time I pulled up to a mexican restaurant and had my windows down and music up loud. I got a sudden nervous feeling in my stomach and realized that this couple was walking out side. I had the thought that this feeling wasn't my own and thought that this girl walking out was nervous about asking me what music I was listening to. And I walked up to the door and she stopped me and asked what the band was. I knew she was going to do that. That moment I realized psychic sense is not reading minds. It's more of feeling vibrations from other sources of consciousness and reverse engineering it into a thought from the initial emotional vibe. I am quite interested phi after watching this.

I have seen a few.

These cartoons come up periodically during my sporadic visits to NG, I don't spend as much time on the site as I used to. But I have noticed that these cartoons are all very similar. There is a lot of effects animation. Lacking in the higher quality full body animation. A lot of tweening and looped frames. I just think in your next project you should push yourself and attempt some more complex movement. Also, I feel that the majority of the series conclusion was action, when people also need story. A healthy balance. There was a lot of text at the end explaining some pretty important sounding stuff, which we don't get to experience. We are left to imagine. I didn't see very much character fulfillment, or conclusion to character arches, which I feel a concluding episode should have. The sound quality bothered me as well, I had also noticed this during viewing of previous episodes. Perhaps the audio publishing settings are set low. I suppose the series has a whole seems to be quantity vs quality. I wish you luck on your next project. Maybe buy a light box and draw your frames by hand, scan them and vectorize them. It's much easier to implement fluid animation with a physical connection to it.


4am. I was slouched in my couch more than usual and Portal2 running and I was splattering that entire room with the white gel. This happened to me.

quite beautiful.

Earth. The only place where anyone cries about star dust.


I haven't laughed that hard at a flash in a long time.

Arrive without traveling.

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