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nice man, reminds me of my old animations. you're starting in the right place. thumbs up ahhaa

nice job.

i am digging the character design. You did a great job with lighting and shadow on the character itself, just be careful on light direction and implementing characters into the background. I agree with IamZavok on a lot of things.

my main thing is that most of what you have accomplished to me seems like keyframe animation. With a little more time and inbetweens I believe this would be a more successful piece. The animation would be smoother and give you more opportunity to show character through body language and facial expression. I felt like there wasn't enough time for the scarecrow to bond with the bird before he gets owned. Perhaps they can witness the big one ransacking something and he tries to get the bird to safety, not just having the bird stand behind him. There'd be more time for the big one to move around as well. Once again, character designs are awesome. Good work on the mood and everything. When the crows ate him up, I couldn't help but be reminded of "We're Back!" a dinosaur movie from a while back where the villan is messed up by crows and all that's left is a screw he used for an eye lol

Good job tho.

Kaloian responds:

I was totally thinking of "were back' when I made that scene and yes I agree to everything really. The story felt rushed and I should have put more time into things but it seemed to me like people would be looking at it going " GET ON WITH IT!" so I decided to go for a bit rushed compared to boring and dragged out. Also, the animation is very choppy in places and that mostly do to how tired I was when finishing this. I would check scenes and be convinced they were done when I needed to do a pass of in betweens.

Anyways, thanks for the nice comment and such.


Incredible job executing the lighting. I loved the camera movement and shading. I just thing you need to work on timing and perhaps more dynamic camera angles. Storyboarding before helps. I think you probably did. Great work though, keep it up!


thats awesome. cuz last week I deleted my facebook. and it's a very liberating experience. I hated having everyone know everything i was doing. good job with the animation. looked like an airplane safety guide.

you know.

This was great. But the one thing that drives me really crazy on this site is people telling authors that the video could have been longer. That is the most illogical statement in any review. The length is up to the goddamn animator. jesus.


why'd you go with TOFU? :/


this is my favorite explosm cartoon ever. lol amazing.


consistent art style. nice pacing. mysterious enough. kept me wanting to know what was happening. good voices. perhaps avoid straight on shots in the backgrounds, more angles and dynamic vanishing points could help. loved it though. great ending. didn't see it coming! voted 5.

SpikeVallentine responds:

totaly. dynamic angless . yessssssss!

this project is old school alrady! remember that!

Very well done.

I loved it until the organized religion aspect. And switchfoot makes my ears bleed. But all together good messages and good lyrical depiction. I like your art style.

Fuck yes.

Completely awesome. Original. Thank you for showing me something I've never seen before. Awesome.

andreasng responds:

great thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed.

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