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Deserves a better score.

This was great. The animation and expressions were awesome. i loved the story line, good use of video game sound effects. It was funny. I liked it alot.

Nightwayfarer responds:

thx)) expressions is something i like to make fun of))

Great job.

Great story going on. Nice action. good character interaction. I loved the ending with the radar, getting in and then the final man's demise. This is great stuff. awesome work fellas. There seems to be a lot of you in the credits! Music was very fitting too. Awesome.

Enzer0 responds:

Thanks, did you watch after the credits though? You might have missed something.

It was cool. i liked the use of ma

i liked the use of masks. added a dynamic. the weapon at the end was cool. the displacement of time in the telling of the story was cool. kinda a flashback through his comments. but there was a point when he opens the door and it's night, and then it shows him spinning the gun around and catching it before he fires, and it's a blue sky behind him. i'm not sure if you meant for that. kinda confused me. but great work.

BiffTheTimid responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review. I dug AS, but I don't write reviews too often these days.

As for the cutting back and forth through time - He lifts his gun into the sky, and then it would cut to him coming back to life. So it's two time-lines going on at once. One of him making the deal, and the other of him going to kill the Mexican. Both end at the same time basically. Hope that clears things up, and take it easy.

This is brilliant.

Where is the second one? I'm very interested in this. It's amazingly done. Really really awesome. My fave. Literally, it's number one in my faves list haha.

i liked it!

cool music. nice use of 8bit but also 3D illusions. nice work. good timing with the music too.


i figured it was inspired by future. good show sir. i loved the music and such. nice.

Jimtopia responds:



literally just as it was ending i said "I hope he gets hit by a car"

Happy Birthday to me.

two guys one cup.

nasty. and weird. but if thats what ur into...

spitfireuk1 responds:

A little doodie humour to brighten up your day... It's wrong, but oh so tasty.

cheers for the vote



I love the colors and the style of the animation. I believe there is a movement sturring in the depths of NG. And it's a movement toward more creative and original content. I'm there with you man. And I sadly admit I was on the other side for a while, but ppl like you are inspiring ppl like me to turn. Great work!

AlmightyHans responds:

thanks buddy. yeah, i'm honestly starting to convince myself that me, you, and other animators like us on newgrounds are going to flip things around on this site... We'll see where this thing goes.


I love the songs and animation styles. The ears and muffins were great.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks, man. Glad you enjoyed it!

Arrive without traveling.

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