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Billtog (guy below me) was deprived and lacked an N64 as a child. Don't listen to that kid. His eyes are bleeding black.

But this was great. You obviously are excited about the new game, and I liked the music. The sonic part was cool. I liked the dirt on the screen. This is well done.

Congratulations on your daily first. It's a good thing to achieve on this fine site.

KartuneHustla responds:

THANKS, YOU ARE MY HERO! But seriously yeah man, love your animations and im glad you enjoyed mine


I'm a fan of everything you guys put out.
Speaking of putting out.

An ode the to age of Myspace and Facebook hook ups

Quite a presentation. Don't know if I agree with romanticizing meeting your true love over the internet. Because it really has a slim chance of ever working. Just seems like eharmony and Myspace relationships are the result of overpopulation and the inability to connect with those around you in an appropriate manner. I just wonder how the world would manage without the internet. Good art though.

skarl3tte responds:

The internet part of the story wasn't my idea. I completely agree with you on that.


More like "Madness (Where is my freaking Thesaurus)" Contisternation isn't even a word.
But good graphics none the less. Song was a little irritating, but I guess I'm just not a fan of that type of music. Good job.

Pretty good.

I liked it. Good sounds. I didn't find any appeal in TF2 when I bought the Orange Box. I absolutely loved HL2 all of it and Portal. But after I beat those I played TF2 once and then let my friend borrow it. But that's just me.

Hey this was pretty good.

This was hilarious and politically relevant. I'm proud of you for presenting essential facts and problems in an appealing and understandable way. Congratulations. This should go to the front page.

Chakra-X responds:

Much thanks! I hope it gets on the front page too.

Best part...

was when the dark thing took control of him and then the one Protoss was like FOR ALLAH! hahahaha nice.

This was funny.

I like the part where he's like, what are they going to replace us with dinosaurs? Good stuff.

Battosai810 responds:

thanks man :)
was hoping some people would catch on to the beast wars reference :)


I liked that little pufft sound at then end with the banner. Funny stuff.

Holy crap.

That was hilarious. I haven't really laughed hard at anything on NG in a while. That was amazing.

Arrive without traveling.

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