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Great Job!

i laughed so hard. this is hilarious. keep em up!
I've actually started a series of shorts myself. that'd be cool if you checked it out.

this is hilarious

everyone else has already told you over and over that ur sound sucks. but i'm not gunna tell you again. i thought the humor fit the concept. it was supposed to be a cheesy sitcom ad and you successfully captured the cheesiness of sitcoms. bad jokes and unrealistic situations, like killing a competing coffee manager. great job!

been there done that.

well. i feel like i've seen this already. oh yeah. when i watched Shaun of the Dead. only it was funny when they argued about which records to through, unlike when the characters were about to throw gaming systems. the 360 is far superior in graphics, which is why it shouldn't be thrown. ps3 is just a ps2 with a better hard drive and it's faster. and why go to the mall? like Dawn of the Dead? if ur going to spend time on a zombie flick, make it original and not just a spoof. since Shaun of the Dead was a spoof.

blah blah blah i got bored writing this. wow.

wow, im pretty sure this took forever.

this was amazing. #1 on my favorites. keep it up. it was just awesome.

well let me summarize.

a girl opens conversation, mostly small talk with this guy, asking him if he has ever been on a rollercoaster. and he punches her.
now he never considered if this could have been an opportunity to get some ass, since he punched her in the face. But she could have been using this rollercoaster as a metaphor, as if he was to reply with "yes indeed i have been on a rollercoaster," where she says" WELL U'VE NEVER RIDDEN ANYTHING LIKE ME BEFORE! FUCK ME LIKE THEY DO IN THOSE TARZAN MOVIES WITH YOUR BIG COCK!"

but he had to punch her.

ofaaron responds:

Y... y... yeah? I'll have to do that one as an alternate ending. Be sure to look for it on the Ultra Omega Collector's Choice Edition DVD Turbo. It'll be selling at all retail outlets soon for $49.95.

i thought it was magnificent

better than most shit that has been flung into the NG portal this week.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

aww, shucks, now I'm blushing! Thanks.


i don't think you should submit previews or incompleted works. just finish it and the feedback will come in the end. it's a waste of time and space on the NG network.

i mean, the animation is great. but your giving away ur surprise effect. ppl are going to watch the completed thing and have already seen this. that means ur scores will not be as high.

finish the damn thing tho, it looks awesome.

this is so tragic.

i'm so sorry for your loss.
it's sweet of you to post this so that your friends may see it and share it with others.

Thelittlerich responds:

Thankyou! It means a lot.

Oh wow

I rarely actually laugh out loud (lol) to anything on NG anymore, but this was funny.
haha, really funny.

bitch got shanked.

This dude got owned.
im glad you didnt do stick figures and they at least have some form.


classicgamer responds:

i know haha

Arrive without traveling.

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