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but i thought...

i thought this is a Flash Portal. where ppl draw things and make them move. like an animation. or cartoon. using tween and stop motion.

this isn't youtube dude.

AlmightyHans responds:

hm, your right, appart from the fact that the guns are drawn on top frame by frame in flash... it IS an .swf format... meaning its a flash file...meaning it's completely acceptable like a whole lot of other videos on newgrounds, like dustballs animated human videos and stuff. so, dude, just chill and open your mind... to the mayhem of the matrix!


Great Look to It!

I love the way it looks. The fading out of the faces and such. And the fight scene, what little there is, was marvelous! I am demanding a full length animation! Or at least another fight. Your style and color choices are great.

Keep it up!


I would suggest that you learn how to tween. This video looks as if it was frame by frame. That is so time consuming.. You should do a favor you and the viewer and take a look at some of the flash tutorials on the site. Tweening not only saves you time, but it makes your film look more fluid and natural. You may also want to raise the frames per second to 20 or 25.

Don't give up!

Always improve!

Not much to say.

Cuz there wasn't much there. Nothing really to watch and absorb, or become involved in, I don't really see the purpose for this really.

nice one.

i agree with Blowsthenight.

this is much better than clock crew's rendition.

i like how it's more of a montage of people dissing the people of Boston,
because they were irrational. never has a terrorist used such creative means to blow someone up, they just blow themselves up with everyone else. and that's not smart.

Great Job!

I do want to say that the music drifts away toward the end and there's no real climax to the trailer. If this were a real movie, I'd be reluctant to pay for it. There's no real clincher and you show the monster that should be the main point of seeing the movie. This is all shown because, well, there is no movie. and it's a great flash.

So I am just gunna stop jabbering and say good job.

Nice Style

I liked the new vision of Frankenstein. My only complaint, and i know i have no right to complain about something you've created and it's your art, is that there needs to be more contrast. The lings are too light and they get lost in the white background. The lines could have just been more dark. Or there could be darker cast shadows and stuff. Just saying.

RedHotPoker responds:

Contrast. Ye i get what you mean but i actualy like it lighter, not sure why.



ok. i will say that everytime someone tells me that it was too short, i get kinda pissed off cuz the graphics took forever. and drawings and stuff do take forever. but this, it kinda didn't even develope into a story. some dude with a baby gets shanked. so what. we don't even want to know what happens next cuz we don't even know whats at stake. shoulda been longer.


i really like the way this was animated. like a tapestry. great work. good tweening.

Mikaelus responds:

Thanks, you're the first person to comment on my excellent tweening. It's something the others have overlooked, I dunno why. I'm glad you liked my movie, thanks for the kind review.

ooooh. i get it now.

this is a funny concept, i like how u've presented it. the aliens are clumsy and irresponsible. haha. i laughed. in my head. i don't wanna wake my room mate.

Arrive without traveling.

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