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danomano65's News

Posted by danomano65 - July 29th, 2008

Here's some footage that I cut together last night.

/* */

Posted by danomano65 - July 22nd, 2008

I'm loading Flash onto my computer right now! It'll be in working order soon.



My Computer is ALIVE!

Posted by danomano65 - July 16th, 2008

Last night I was inspired to paint my face up like Heath Ledger in THE DARK KNIGHT.
I am absolutely on pins and needles waiting for this movie. I bought a roll of film and took some shots of my face and my apartment with the Joker face. I made a lot of them blurred on purpose to melt the colors together.

Check out the flickr page HERE.


The JOKER For A Night.

Posted by danomano65 - July 12th, 2008

Title is self-explanatory.

My computer is done. The hard drive decided to fry itself. Most of my flash work is gone. I managed to recover the .fla file for Episode 6 of Office Spider with the help of a few friends. Though, I have yet to get my hands on a flash program. The application on my external hard drive won't work on my girlfriend's computer.

I am losing a week and a half on flash work time, so everything I was working on is delayed. I have begun story-boarding a new flash though. It's going to be awesome. I guess I'll just be reading and playing video games until I go to Memphis to have it fixed.

Radio silence.

PS: lol this is not a pic of my comp. i googled "Fried Macbook hard drive"
This is a pic of a battery fire, but it was funny for the post.

Bad News:  My Hard Drive is Fried

Posted by danomano65 - July 7th, 2008

The long awaited MGS Collab was unleashed just recently and I must say that I am honored to be a coauthor and to be 2nd in line on the playlist. With 50 artists, the turn out was a toss up really. There were some brilliant ones and there were some weak sauce ones.

I was particularly disappointed by the overuse of penis in this collab. I actually didn't expect it, which is surprising all by itself. The NG crowd is a big fan of the cock, for some reason. Everytime I saw one, all I could think of is how the fallic image was in the place of a well thoughtout script, or clever humor. These cocks were some cop-outs, seeking to amuse the immature audience. I'm not so much pissed off by the fact that the cocks demoralized Metal Gear. I've never played one of the games! So it would be stupid for me to defend the series. They were just there for both shock value and the furthering of some strange internet fad. But Stamper's cartoon was the cherry on top. It made me question whether I had outgrown NG all together. I guess I was looking forward to something less sexually graphic. If I was looking for that I would have just watched porn!

I can't even tell the majority of my friends to go check it out because of the humor choices. Most of them would turn it off after seeing the first dick! And I wouldn't dare show my own girlfriend. It almost made me embarressed to be a part of it all. Point is if you don't have a firm knowledge of the subject matter, find someone who does to help you with a thoughtout script! My friend Ed helped with the dialogue and storyboarding. And look how ours turned out!

I'm not disappointed in the effort put into the animation. The styles were superb. The drawings were excellent. I just want to see NG put its talent toward something more respectable. IMO.

MGS Collab: Penis Overdose

Posted by danomano65 - July 4th, 2008

I've completed several attacks that will be featured in the OFFICE SPIDER game. Preparing a few atmosphere elements in the next week, along with backgrounds and the coworker reactions. A priority for next week will definitely be getting the cut scenes out of the way.

Woadraiders is perfect for the job. He has proved himself to be an excellent programmer. The game will be a side-scroller in the style of Dad n' Me. You will be able to web up those pesky coworkers too!

Just so everyone knows, Episode 6 will be a normal episode. And Episode 7 will be the game itself. I hope to begin work on KNEE DEEP IN DEATH 3 after I complete those two projects. And perhaps ALEX SERYOUA after that. I have considered making AS a game series, with Episode 1 as a primer. But that answer is pretty far from my reach at the moment.

I will be at COMIC CON with AlmightyHans, if anyone doesn't know that already. I just can't wait to be there. July is full of things for me. I just need to get back home and focus on flash so I can get these projects out on NG! I'm SUPER STOKED on seeing the LOST panel at Con. Apparently DHARMA is going to be recruiting there.

Here is a screen shot of Episode 6. Woot.


Posted by danomano65 - June 26th, 2008

Hello everyone. I'm here to announce that I have a new programmer. woadraiders will be taking knugen's place. He is a young NG member, but I have seen some of his games in progress and he seems to know what he's doing. I am giving him a chance.

Episode 6 is in production. I have a new plot to aim for. I had announced earlier that this episode would actually be a game, but I have changed my mind. Episode 7 will be the game. Exciting.

Here is an OFFICE SPIDER Poster.

Click here for the wallpaper!

Office Spider Poster.  Episode 6 and Game Underway.

Posted by danomano65 - June 23rd, 2008

Hello everyone. I'm pleased with the turn out of Office Spider 5. The 6th episode is underway, which will MOST LIKELY be a game.. You will play as Pete through the events of the episode.

UPDATE** 5:42 PM.

If it is not a game, I will simply persue another plot for the time being. I no longer have a programmer for this project. I will be looking for one in the next week or so. If you read this and are interested, contact me through a PM.

Below is the page I've done for Hans's artist compilation for his new comic business ODD Comics. The first thing he will release is a collaberation of 25 artists and each person gets one page to do what ever they want. Since about 5 people have dropped out, I may be taking over one of them for his sake, which would expand what I have already done.

This is actually a sneak peek into what I have been developing for many years. I wrote the story as a book throughout high school and then stopped writing when I graduated. Now I have been inspired to transform my vision into a series of graphic novels. I am not releasing the name or the characters' names yet, but I will say that it is epic. 9 novels in all, which is a "Trilogy of Trilogies." The page below is in the middle of Book One, Trilogy One. I believe it's self explanatory.

That's all for now!

To see the second page to the picture below, click here!

The Beginning of a HUGE Project

Posted by danomano65 - June 17th, 2008

Hey everyone. I've had a good few days of solid flash, and I believe that I will have OFFICE SPIDER 5 in the portal by Friday afternoon! It's pretty exciting news. I haven't done a new one in almost a year and the beginning of this one is nearly half a year old. So you may notice the animation quality rise as the cartoon progresses.

This episode will feature Pete flying to LA to audition for the part of Shelob in Lord of the Rings. Make sure you watch the previous four episodes some time before Friday so that it all makes sense. I don't want to see people rating it low because they didn't get it. That's just lazy.

Anyways, check back Friday.

New OFFICE SPIDER Coming Friday

Posted by danomano65 - June 12th, 2008

A few weeks ago I posted that I was now working diligently on my projects.
That is a fragtastic lie. I went to Memphis again and spent more time with my family and friends and punched some holes in my time line. I'm now back in Knoxville again, and this time I'm serious about working on my flash projects. Surprisingly, I did get some work done on Office Spider while I was there. Being around my friends again inspired me to want to work, and also brought along some ideas for other things. Just goes to show that without some good dudes to hang around with, ideas are just ideas.

I got accepted into SCAD Atlanta, so I will be transferring there this fall. Very excited. The University of Tennessee has served me well in introducing me to flash via it's computer store and my girlfriend via the Presidential Court outside of the Freshman dorms. Along with a growing period. I feel that I'm prepared to move onto greater challenges and learn the skills I need to further my career and blah blah bull crap.

Look out for some stuff soon. It's been a while.

...Ok I'm keeping this picture in my news blog.

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